Wedding is a lifetime event for the bride & groom, and they put enormous efforts to make it memorable. Wedding planning takes months of preparations, including all the tiny to giant things. Even the family members of the couple also participate in many events. The assorting of marriage events begin from deciding the venue, wedding cards, floral decorations, catering, drinks & alcohol, centerpieces according to the theme, music & dance and others. The most important is a photographer because as the wedding time pass so soon, every couple wants to hold and collect memories of their special day. So they can watch and rejoice the loveliest memories of their life.

Wedding photography is a unique combination of all types of photography including fashion, food, fun, portrait, architectural, macro, children, family and sometimes travel photography as well. It is photographer’s job to deliver complete wedding photography product and the lenses of a camera play main character because those allow capturing all the aspects of creativity.


Here are 4 must have lenses for all types of wedding:

The 70-200mm f/2.8

This lens is bulky, heavy and big but you shouldn’t prefer your wedding without these lenses. The 70-200mm f/2.8 is preference of photographers when it comes to wedding. It is a versatile lens that offers incredible sharpness at all focal lengths. The photographer doesn’t need to be closer to people’s faces as you can capture happy faces with candid expressions from fair distance as well. This lens is specially used during the ceremony.

The 24-70mm f/2.8

The photographer needs this lens throughout the wedding day because it offers focal length versatility when you are capturing photos on the go. You can capture candid faces, wider locations, guest arriving, and people chilling while waiting for the ceremony to start at wedding breakfast.


The 85mm prime

This lens is all time favorite and mostly used for portraits of the couple, bridesmaids & groomsmen, and small & individual groups. It demands more work and efforts as you need to zoom in & zoom out using the feet.


The 35mm prime

Being a photographer, you can rely on this lens because this is an ultra versatile lens and you can use it while the bride gets ready.


These lenses are the most used & useful ones, helping the photographer to represent their creativity & skills.